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EEZ Online Community


This is a place where we can chat, ask questions, post resources, etc. Share resources, and find out what other schools and providers are doing in the world of videoconferencing! Post open positions or share your resume.


If you have a Caucus account, you may access the Conference items directly through these links or simply log into Caucus and select the EEZ Online Community through the VLS Apple. Don't have an account yet? Email your request to and we'll get you set up.

Item Description
NEW! Item 16: EquityBank EEZ Equity Bank and Access!
Item 1: CyberCafe Introduce yourself here and chat about anything!
Item 2: Help! Questions? Post them here!
Item 3: Resources Find resources here that have been posted by EEZ Staff.
Item 4: ResourcesII Post resources you have found here!
Item 5: Videoconferencing Chat about videoconferencing in this item!
Item 6: Tools Beyond videoconferencing! Chat about The Tools in this item.
Item 7: EEZU2005 Find handouts from EEZU2005 here.
Item 8: Class2Class Discuss class to class interactions in this item.
Item 9: EEZU Learn more about upcoming EEZUs-virtual and face-to-face.
Item 10: CurriculumCorner Curriculum info is here!
Other Topics Choose the appropriate topic you want to read or create your own topic by adding a new item!

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Bank of Equity and Access



The EEZ® Bank of Equity and Access has been established to bring videoconference opportunities to high-need schools.  Through the generous donations of EEZ content providers, our Equity Bank currently includes 73 programs on a wide variety of curriculum topics. Programs are available for all grade levels.


To qualify for a withdrawal from the Equity Bank, the EEZ content receiver must:

1)      Demonstrate it is a high-needs school. For a list of NY State designated high-needs school districts for 2005-06, go to

(Out-of-New York state receivers must prove high-needs designation by a comparable measure.)

2)      Demonstrate that the program supports the curriculum

3)      Have working videoconference equipment



For provider listings and more information visit the EEZ Online Community Conference item about the bank or contact Susan Neale.


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EEZ Contests and Events

Special thanks to the New York Hall of Science who hosted our Oct 1st meeting. Details on next meeting to follow.




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