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Internet safety and Cyberbullying

The NYS Teacher Centers working with Professor Garfield Foundation will be developing and delivering ,online and face to face , training on using the Internet safety, Cyberbullying, Fact or Opinion and Forms of Media resources for free from the  Professor Garfield website.  This training will be available to all school personnel, public libraries, parents and community groups through the NYS Teacher Center Online Academy.

Online Academy

The NYS Teacher Center
Online Academy(OLA)
offers a way for educators to pursue their educational goals anytime, anywhere with high quality, educator facilitated, standards-based online coursework. Totally web-based, these 15-hour inservice courses are offered both statewide and locally throughout the year and adhere to the rigorous Standards for Online Learning. To see the courses and their syllabi, click on http://www.olacatalog.org. The OLA also prepares educators to provide webinars and courses designed for their students.


has partnered with NYIT and the NYS Teacher Centers to promote access and to provide training for the  exciting “VITAL NY” program”.  In partnership with Channel 13/WNET,  NY Teacher Centers will be working on training models to insure the most effective use of this free, standards aligned video system. VITAL NY has a collection of over 2,000 resources for teachers and students.   PBS will be working with us to create a training model in both traditional face to face formats as well as on-line formats.   Stay tuned for more information about this exciting and valuable program, but please feel free to start utilizing the service and to place the link to the resource on your website. http://vital.thirteen.org/vital2td.html


Since the mid 1990’s, New York State Teacher Centers and the New York Institute of Technology have served as NYS Thinkfinity Roll-Out Partners. Teacher Centers and our network of Thinkfinity Trainers can provide teachers with customized content/grade level specific professional development in order to effectively integrate these resources into classroom instruction. Contact your local Teacher Center to register for a training session.  The wealth of K-12 resources, aligned to NYS Learning Standards, can be found at: http://www.thinkfinityny.org



SAS Curriculum Pathways:
 An online resource for students and teachers, SAS Curriculum Pathways provides standards-based content in all the core disciplines for grades 8-14 NYS classrooms.   SAS continues to expand the interactive, engaging activities available to reflect emerging technologies and changes to NYS curriculum and standards.  The product lends itself to differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners.  SAS Curriculum Pathways includes: Inter Activities, Web Inquiries, Web Resources and Lessons. http://www.sascurriculumpathways.com/


Smart Technologies and Tequipment
have partnered with New York State Teacher Centers to bring state of the art equipment, software and training to New York educators.  As more and more schools are outfitted with interactive whiteboards, the need for quality training that can be subject area specific has increased dramatically.  Teacher Centers are prepared to offer training on the use of these boards and the use of the Smart Response Systems that enhance the experience. 


Intel Teach Program:
As the Intel® Teach Affiliate in New York State, NYIT works in conjunction with the New York State Teacher Centers to provide professional development which appropriately integrate technology while meeting the NYS content standards through a series of nationally and internationally validated courses. Intel Teach offers courses free of charge through NYS Teacher Centers. http://intelgrad.nyit.edu/

promethean safarimontage


Lighthouse Project: Promethean along with SAFARI Montage and Elluminate have brought their various resources together to showcase how technologies can be used together to significantly alter the classroom learning environment.  Participating classrooms from across the state are able to connect, share and collaborate in the learning process.  The participating teachers received extensive professional development and mentoring by their teacher centers on all of the appropriate uses of the technology provided with the project.  Teachers are working in conjunction with specially selected museums and cultural institutions to create and pilot interactive lesions that utilize the various technologies to truly make the interactive white board a portal for learning.


NYIT Educational Enterprise Zone

EEZ is confederation of more than 130 Museums, Zoos and Other Cultural Institutions.  The NYIT Educational Enterprise Zone, in cooperation with the NYS Teacher Centers, provides hundreds of live interactive programs that connect schools and libraries to museums and cultural institutions. The EEZ utilizes highly effective web 2.0 and videoconferencing tools including: webinars, online conferencing, and video Email. Classrooms now have access to exciting, high level resources throughout New York State, the country and the world.  These programs entice, encourage, enable, and empower every student, and they make every classroom truly a global classroom. http://www.nyiteez.org/