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The Technology-Based Learning Systems Department of the New York Institute of Technology, in partnership with Verizon and the Hitachi Foundation, has created a not-for-profit consortium named the Educational Enterprise Zone®. Members of this consortium are content providers who create programming for K-12 classrooms and learning environments that receive the programming, as well as corporate facilitators such as Verizon and Tandberg USA who assist with hardware, software and connectivity needs for the various programs the EEZ® sponsors. Content providers come from a variety of educational, public and private sector arenas. Cultural institutions, museums, research centers and small businesses offer member schools a wide range of curricular programming, allowing the receiving members to meet instructional needs.


The EEZ supports its members in a variety of ways. Quarterly meetings afford an opportunity to demonstrate state-of-the-art educational technologies and instructional techniques, as well as allow members to exchange ideas and strategies. An annual EEZ Summer University workshop series sharpens skills and raises issues. Throughout the year, members have access to EEZ technical engineers to assist them with their questions, problems, and equipment additions as well as to instructional technologists who act as consultants during development of new videoconference programs. Both receiving and providing members may also arrange for use of the EEZ bridge (MCU) at no cost, which allows for multi-point videoconferencing regardless of protocols in use. Intermediary  organization members who charge for their services are required to pay a fee for MCU use.


In order to reach and service the widest range of providers and teachers possible, the EEZ works closely with New York State organizations such as the NYS Teacher Centers and MarcoPolo New York, as well as a variety of school districts and BOCES.


Overseeing all of these projects is the Director of the Technology-Based Learning Systems Department of NYIT and of the Educational Enterprise Zone, Professor Stan Silverman. Honored by inclusion in the United States Distance Learning Association's Hall of Fame, Stan brings an engineer’s thorough knowledge of technological hardware with a teacher’s insights into how they can be applied to enhance learning to the task. In addition to his work with the EEZ, Stan is Chairman of the NYIT Online Campus and teaches graduate level courses in instructional technology.



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