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NY CERTIFIED Thinkfinity Trainers

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About the NYS Teachers Center

Providing PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for educators at all stages of their careers.
•  Models to assess the professional development needs of all educators
•  Methods of evaluation for professional development plans
•  High quality professional development programs and services through coaching, consultation and collaborative models
•  Support for Professional Development (PDP) teams


Helping educators integrate INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY into their classrooms to enrich curricula.
•  High-quality, cutting-edge instructional technology training from basic to advanced levels
•  Mobile computer labs and laptop lending programs
•  Technology partnerships with Thinkfinity NY and Beyond, INTEL Teach, Professor Garfield, SAS Curriculum Pathways, VitalNY, and MORE!
•  Leveraging Private-Public Partnerships to bring resources to the classroom


Building and sustaining INDUCTION PROGRAMS.
•  Mentor programs for holders of initial and provisional teaching certificates
•  Training for mentors and district mentor coordinators
•  Instructional coaches in literacy, mathematics, science and technology
•  Support for probationary teachers on the analysis and use of student data for instruction
•  Skill building on the use of portfolio and peer review

Strengthening PARTNERSHIPS and collaborations.
•  Collaborative programs with higher education institutions
•  Support from the New York State Education Department and its P16 initiative: an inclusive educational system from pre-kindergarten through higher education
•  Constructive relationships with parents, businesses, museums, libraries and community-based organizations

Offering RESEARCH-BASED instructional strategies aligned with state learning standards.
•  Meeting the diverse instructional needs of 21st-Century learners in classrooms across the state
•  Supporting students with disabilities
•  Differentiating instruction to address the needs of all students, including English language learners
•  Aligning instruction with the New York State Learning Standards and alignment to the NEW Core Curriculum Standards
•  Encouraging and developing teacher leadership through the Online Academy and Leadership Academy