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Verizon Thinkfinity Speaker Series!


The Thinkfinity Education Speaker Series, a series of video interviews with nationally known individuals with a passion for education, is available exclusively to all members of the Thinkfinity Community. Enjoy video interviews and supporting resources as they become available simply by logging in – no additional registration or live participation is required.  

Each of the interviews is available as video on demand on the dates listed for each speaker and will be archived for future access by Thinkfinity Community members. T o receive an email reminder when each interview is posted, sign up for the Thinkfinity newsletter .


The Speakers:


Sandra Day O'Connor - September 27, 2011


Dr. Ben Carson - October 18, 2011


Magic Johnson - November 1, 2011


Dr. Chris Dede - November 15, 2011


Jason Falls - December 6, 2011




News from our Partners


Wonderopolis is Searching for Teachers, Families to Join the Wonder Team in 2012!


The adventure kicks off with a nationwide search for a few families and teachers to join the 'Wonder Team" for a year. Deadline to submit an online application is October 22.

The Wonder Year Adventure is open to the general public and will kick off with a hunt for three families and two teachers from diverse
communities across the nation to join the groundbreaking family learning site for a Wonder Year.

After receiving exclusive training from NCFL, the Wonder Families and Wonder Teachers will begin sharing their learning experiences
by posting to Wonderopolis each week and igniting a conversation through their posts and responses to the visitors’ comments.

Social media will also play a large role in the Wonder Year as families and teachers will promote online and offline events through
channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

See the full blog post in Verizon 101 in the Thinkfinity Community for more information.


New Thinkfinity Lessons

Check this link each Friday to see the newest lessons added to Thinkfinity aligned to National Standards.


The national Thinkfinity site offers many resources designed to help
you effectively integrate Internet content into your teaching.