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The Verizon Foundation supports the New York Public Radio® initiative, Radio Rookies, one of our featured resources of the month.

Radio Rookies



Radio Rookies® is a New York Public Radio® initiative that provides teenagers with the tools and training to create radio stories about themselves, their communities and their world. Since 1999, Radio Rookies has been conducting workshops with teenagers, training young people to use words and sounds to tell true stories. Rookies' documentaries air on local and national airwaves and are available online as podcasts. Radio Rookies documentaries represent what young people are truly facing, thinking and saying through stories related to the following topics:

  • Culture, the Arts and Media
  • Dreams and Ambitions
  • Education
  • Family
  • Health and Mental Health
  • Immigration and Diversity
  • Loss
  • Teen Issues


Current and archived Radio Rookies stories can be found at: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/rookies/


Download the Radio Rookies Curriculum (PDF)


Verizon in NY

With more than 29,000 employees who call New York home, Verizon is one of the largest private employers in the state and an active participant in our local communities.

The Verizon Foundation -- the philanthropic arm of Verizon Communications -- supports a variety of programs and events in communities from Buffalo to Brooklyn. As one of the largest corporate contributors in NY, Verizon has directed more than 6,000 grants totaling more than $14 million to some 2,700 non-profits across the state. Those non-profits include school districts and universities, multicultural groups and hospitals, children's organizations and those assisting the disabled and victims of domestic violence.

For more information about 2009 grants awarded in New York by region, please click here.


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