SAS Curriculum Pathways  offers a wide range of teaching and learning materials for middle, high school, and community college levels in the following core content areas: Language, Communication Skills, Literary Genres, American Literature, English Literature Early World Literature and Modern World Literature.



  • For high schools, community colleges, virtual schools, and other environments
  • Technology integrated into the curriculum
  • Interactive materials that target higher-order thinking skills
  • Differentiated for varied learning styles
  • For high schools, topics mapped to state standards
  • Research-validated instructional techniques and acknowledged best practices



  • InterActivities: Simulations, multimedia resources, innovative tools, and more
  • Web Inquiries: Guided online research to answer a focus question
  • Web Resources: Over 5,000 teacher-evaluated web sites, categorized by topic
  • Lessons: Complete learning activities on a broad range of concepts and skills

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SAS Curriculum Pathways :


SAS, (pronounced "sass") once stood for "statistical analysis system," and began at North Carolina State University as a project to analyze agricultural research. As demand for such software grew, SAS was founded in 1976 to help all sorts of customers - from pharmaceutical companies and banks to academic and governmental entities.


SAS – both the software and company – thrived throughout the next few decades. Development of the software attained new heights in the industry by being able to run across all platforms, using the multivendor architecture for which it is known today. While the scope of the company spread across the globe, the encouraging and innovative corporate culture remained the same.


The 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (pdf), the third published by the company, highlights SAS' commitment to, and leadership on, sustainability across all business units – in terms of governance and management, employees, community engagement and the environment.