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Just in case you were wondering how Garfield got so smart...


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Learners Watch, Try and Apply Internet smart surfing, responding to cyber bullies, and deciding whether something is fact or opinion.  A Teacher Guide is available for each segment of this highly interactive learning activity.



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Write, assemble and print your own comics at Professor Garfield’s Comics Lab


Jim Davis Video Jim Davis is the creator of Garfield the Cat. Click on Jim’s picture to hear his own message about the learning portal.



Professor Garfield :


The Professor Garfield Foundation learning portal is a fun interactive online environment where children can safely explore, learn and creatively express themselves. The PGF Learning Portal is a partnership between Paws, Inc., the world headquarters of Garfield the Cat, and Ball State University, one of the preeminent educators of classroom teachers in the world.

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Why a Learning Portal?

For over 25 years, Garfield creator, Jim Davis, has been encouraged by countless letters from parents telling him how Garfield has helped their child learn how to read. Numerous educators have also used Garfield and his comic strip friends as a powerful tool to teach and motivate children in the classroom. As a result, Jim has long held that the comics be not only a way to a child’s heart and funny bone, but also a student’s brain.

Jim’s vision was to create a learning portal where children would want to visit because they would have fun, express themselves, and learn simultaneously.

Content ranges from traditional subjects, such as reading, writing and arithmetic, to career goal exploration, art and activities created expressly for school children between kindergarten and 8th grade. The educational content is upgraded continuously and presented in a popular culture entertainment format. All of the content has been reviewed by educational experts and tested in classroom settings.