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Cleveland Museum of Art


Cleveland Museum of Art

Angles and Answers: Origami and Math


Grades 4–5
Students reinforce their knowledge of geometry and recognize attributes of two- and three-dimensional shapes through an examination of selected geometric-themed works from the museum. Concepts are applied as students create original origami figures in the shape of a ladybug and a box during the videoconference.

For more information about rates, schedules, connections and a complete listing of all of the Cleveland Museum of Arts  programs,  please visit CMA’s Distance Learning web pages.


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The Technology-Based Learning Systems Department of the New York Institute of Technology, in partnership with Verizon and the Hitachi Foundation, created a not-for-profit consortium named the Educational Enterprise Zone® over 15 years ago.


Members of this consortium are content providers who create programming for K-12 classrooms and learning environments that receive the programming, as well as corporate facilitators such as Verizon who assist with hardware, software and connectivity needs for the various programs the EEZ® sponsors. Content providers come from a variety of educational, public and private sector arenas. Cultural institutions, museums, research centers and small businesses offer member schools a wide range of curricular programming, allowing the receiving members to meet instructional needs.


In order to reach and service the widest range of providers and teachers possible, the EEZ works closely with New York State organizations such as the NYS Teacher Centers and ThinkfinityNY and Beyond, as well as a variety of school districts and BOCES.


Download a list of current NYIT Educational Enterprise Zone Members.